Golden Eagles… National Title Contenders?

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When second leading rebounder Davante Gardner went down with a knee injury, Marquette was challenged to rise to the occasion.  But over the past two weeks, Marquette has won 4 straight games, all by 13 points or more.  Jae Crowder has stepped up big time and has become much more noticed at a national level.  I read an interesting article about Crowder just a short time ago.  The man who was featured in the news recently for predicting the rise of Jeremy Lin also identified Crowder as a potential future superstar.

While  the NBA surely awaits next season, there is still work to be done.  How much noise can Marquette make in March?  I think we are going to learn a lot about this team over the next 10 days.  3 significant challenges, road games at West Virginia and Cincinnati, followed by a home game against Georgetown will certainly tell us if this is a legit Final Four contender.  Marquette has already won 9 games away from home, which is impressive alone.

I think it would be great to see Marquette against Syracuse again in the Big Apple.  A win in 2 of their final 3, plus a deep Big East tournament run could propel Marquette to a #2 seed.  Currently winners of 11 of 12, keeping momentum is extremely important and essential to a strong March.  With continued success and the right draw, the Golden Eagles could be in New Orleans in April.  Senior leadership and strong guard play always seem to go a long way in March.  This could be the year Marquette gets back to the Final Four for the first time since the Dwyane Wade era.


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  1. Satu, kannattaa tutustua myös Janssonin aikuisten kirjoihin! En ole itsekään niitä juuri lukenut, mutta sen mitä olen, niin hienoja ovat. Osa kertoo ainakin epäsuorasti Janssonin omasta elämästä (niin kai Muumitkin kyllä, ainakin jotkut hahmot Muumi-kirjoissa).

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