Unleash The Dragon

Damion Lee


What to do with Drexel?  If you told Bruiser Flint and his players on November 18th before a game in the Virgin Islands against Norfolk State “if you lose this game, you will not be in the NCAA tournament”, what do you think they would have said?  I’m sure you’d get some laughs.  I’m sure they would have blown you off.  But the argument against Drexel consistently goes back to that November date.  This loss, coupled with 2 road losses in conference (teams that are the #5 and #6 in a 12 team conference no less), seemingly are holding Drexel back.  I say seemingly with a grain of salt.

I have posted here about VCU, and again I am advocating for another CAA team.  Perhaps being a CAA alum creates some bias, but I try to look at things as objectively as possible.  Since December 3rd, Drexel has lost once.  That’s not subjective.  The loss was at a Georgia State team who at that time had been on a 9 game winning streak themselves.  22-1 in the past 23 games speaks volumes about the quality of this team.  Like VCU, Drexel has won 10 games on an opponent’s home floor.  Knowing many of the environments in the CAA, this is no easy task.

If you want to know just how good this team is, look no further than Saturday’s game against Cleveland State.  Drexel won on the road by 20 points against a pretty good squad, and the game itself wasn’t even that close.  Drexel has looked like a superior team on many nights recently, and they will put to the test how true the “we look at the entire season” argument really is.  Tomorrow’s game against Old Dominion is huge, and unfortunately I think the Dragons need it.

For CAA fans, the true treat would be a VCU-Drexel CAA championship game.  With each team so close, the desire to win that game may be like no other conference tournament game.  I hope the committee gives Drexel a chance to see how far they can take this run.  I hope the committee unleashes the Dragons.


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