Bubble To Bubble: Drexel – South Florida

Will Drexel be stuck in the NIT?


It’s time for another installment of bubble to bubble.  Today we’ll look at two teams that nobody knows what to do with right now: Drexel and South Florida.  For the record, I have both of these teams in as of right now, but there are plenty of people who do not think Drexel will be standing when all is said and done.  The argument boils down to basically one thing: Strength of Schedule.  Let’s look at how these two teams’ resumes compare:

Each team has 3 sub-100 losses.  South Florida is 1-9 against the RPI top 50.  Drexel is 1-2, with a loss also at #57 Saint Joe’s.  Here’s where the strength of schedule argument just becomes completely invalid.  If Drexel had played 6 more games against the RPI top 50 and lost every single one of them, they would be in EXACTLY the same position that South Florida is in.  Because Drexel did not play those games, do you penalize them??  Apparently in some circles, that is the case.

Another feather in Drexel’s cap is the fact that they won 14 games away from home, while South Florida has only won 5.  Now, it’s easy to say that the quality of opponent wasn’t great, but they still won those games.  You have to give them credit for that.  You also have to give them credit for winning 25 out of 26 games.  Only Kentucky, Syracuse, and Murray State achieved that feat this season.

The final piece of comparison is looking at how these teams did against common opponents.  These teams each played VCU, Old Dominion and Cleveland St.  Against these opponents Drexel went 4-1, including 3 wins away from home.  Against these teams South Florida went 1-2, with their only win coming at home.

Strength of schedule is ONE factor, and if that outweighs everything else I’ll be highly shocked.  Advantage: DREXEL


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