World Cup Qualifiers – Brazil 2014


Crotistics will be embarking on a new adventure this fall.  Similar to the basketball rankings, Crotistics is developing the first ever fully dynamic set of International Football Rankings.  The rankings will include all 209 FIFA member nations, including newly formed South Sudan.  While there are a few other rankings out there, such as the Elo Rankings, Crotistics is taking the global game to new heights.

One thing which is unique about soccer/football/futbol is the betting.  Unlike a normal point spread, a soccer line contains 3 possible outcomes.  Translating rankings into percentages of each of these three possible outcomes is what will set the Crotistics rankings apart.  Keep an eye out for the premier of these rankings, as games in September will be here before you know it.

If you would like to know more, please inquire.


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