World Cup 2014 Qualifiers – Under the Radar

Scotland could surprise

With UEFA World Cup Qualifying kicking off tomorrow, I wanted to take one quick, final look at a couple teams who could offer some value.  A few with short odds and one team with a little bit longer odds.

Scotland – Home field advantage is crucial here, as the Scots perform much better than on the road.  The Serbs are the exact opposite and fare much worse on the road.  After a 3-1 win over Australia just a few weeks ago, taking Scotland at +165 could prove to be a smart move.

Croatia – The Croatians are a deserving large favorite against Macedonia.  Despite some recent struggles, Croatia is a standard team that beats the teams they should and occasionally can get a good result against a top team.  In the past year, when Croatia plays a lower ranked team in Crotistics, they are 5-0.  Macedonia should not provide much difficulty at home.

Argentina – Saying that Argentina is under the radar seems a bit ridiculous, but that’s exactly what’s going on here.  At -280, this is a relative bargain.  Argentina has been absolutely demolishing competition in 2012, and Paraguay is definitely not what they were in the past.  They will be playing for a tie and won’t get it.

Good luck tomorrow if you decide to place a few wagers.


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