World Cup Qualifiers October 2012 – Part 2

Tuesday’s qualifiers will be a huge step forward for many teams and will be the end of the road for a few more.  There are a couple games that you should keep an eye on, despite being heavy favorites.

Jamaica and Costa Rica – Each of these teams will be fighting for their World Cup lives.  Each of these teams plays a team at home that has already been eliminated from contention.  Each team has a very strong incentive to score as many goals as possible due to potential tiebreakers.  These two teams will win tomorrow, and you should add them to a parlay.

Russia and Portugal – Two top 10 teams at home going against vastly inferior opponents.  Similar to the two teams above, the odds are heavy, but throw them into a parlay for some extra easy play.

Now we get down to a couple teams who should be very solid plays:

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Bosnia earned a tough point on the road at Greece last Friday, and I was actually a little bit surprised at how well they played.  They are rewarded with a home bout against a Lithuania squad that has really struggled in 2012.  If Dzeko and Bosnia are serious about potentially reaching the finals in Brazil, this is a game you must win.  This squad has already beaten the two lowest teams in their group by a combined 12-1 score.  I think Bosnia-Herzegovina comes out with a strong win at home.

Croatia – Croatia moved up to #13 in my rankings after a solid road win at Macedonia.  Although they now face a Wales team who just defeated Scotland, Wales won the game with 2 very late goals.  Prior to the final 10 minutes of that game, Wales had not even earned a point in an international match since last November.  Croatia has dominated weaker teams over the past 18 months, and I expect that trend to continue.  Look for a big win here.

Austria – Going up against a Kazakhstan team they just tied 4 days ago, the Austrians know that this is virtually a do or die game for their World Cup hopes.  While there is still a year of qualifying left, Germany looks to have the top spot in the group almost locked up already.  That means that Austria will have to pass Sweden and Ireland to even get into the 2nd place playoff.  This is a must win game.  Austria has proven that at home they can beat up on lesser competition, and they should defeat Kazakhstan here.

Here are my top plays for Tuesday with odds of win:


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