World Cup Qualifiers Results


Overall not a bad day. Of my top plays, went 11-6. Sweden and France had dramatic goals to tie it in the last minute. While this made for exciting games to watch, the result was not what I was hoping for. A 13-4 day would have been far more respectable.

Germany blew a 4 goal lead at home!!!! This is absolutely unheard of, and I am sure they are still in shock. Also, Portugal did not have enough to defeat Northern Ireland at home. Absolutely embarrassing in Christiano Ronaldo’s 100th cap.

The 2 results which were great plays were Jamaica and Costa Rica. Any time a team has an incentive to score as many goals as possible, they’re a virtual lock to win. In hindsight, I should have recommended taking over 3.5 goals in each game.

Unfortunately, the international scene quiets down a lot until next year. In the meantime, I will post a couple plays here and there. Most of my focus will shift to college basketball. Hope you enjoyed following.



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