Bracket 2016

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Feel free to leave comments below regarding my projected bracket. My bracket and seeding are entirely a computer algorithm. The goal of this bracket is to match teams as closely as possible to their final placement on the Committee’s seed curve. Before I release my final bracket, I will try to take into account seeding conflicts where teams would be moved up or down a seed line.

* Record is against D-1 Teams Only





1 Kansas Des Moines Brooklyn Villanova 1
16 Holy Cross/F. Dickinson Southern/Austin Peay 16
8 Butler Texas Tech 8
9 Oregon St. Connecticut 9
4 Indiana Denver Providence Duke 4
13 Stephen F. Austin UALR 13
5 Arizona Maryland 5
12 South Dakota St. Chattanooga 12
6 Iowa St. Brooklyn Denver Dayton 6
11 UNC Wilmington Gonzaga 11
3 Miami (FL) Utah 3
14 Stony Brook Green Bay 14
7 Iowa St. Louis Oklahoma City Wisconsin 7
10 VCU St. Bonaventure 10
2 Xavier Oklahoma 2
15 Middle Tennessee Cal St. Bakersfield 15



1 Virginia Raleigh Raleigh North Carolina 1
16 Hampton Florida Gulf Coast 16
8 Colorado Providence 8
9 Cincinnati Michigan 9
4 Kentucky Oklahoma City Spokane California 4
13 Yale Fresno St. 13
5 Seton Hall Texas A&M 5
12 Northern Iowa Hawaii 12
6 Texas Des Moines Providence St. Joseph’s 6
11 USC/San Diego St. Wichita St./Pittsburgh 11
3 Purdue West Virginia 3
14 Buffalo Iona 14
7 Baylor Spokane St. Louis Notre Dame 7
10 Saint Mary’s Temple 10
2 Oregon Michigan St. 2
15 Weber St. UNC Asheville 15


  1. Sorry if I don’t understand your logic about the Mountain West. SDSU just beat UNLV by 15 last night. UNLV is 4-5 in conference. I guess if you think UNLV will win the conference tournament at their own place and SDSU will not get in, you can predict what you did. But it’s a pretty uneducated basketball projection.

    1. UNLV will almost certainly be out on the next update.

      My projected automatic qualifiers look at the current conference tournament bracket and project a winner. Yes, UNLV gets home court advantage for the tourney. So given their ranking, bracket, and home court, they had the highest odds to win. Now, they probably no longer have that. There’s reasoning, and numbers behind the projections.

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